• Submitting in Bulk

    Teachers who are submitting several entries have two options--scan all entry packets into one pdf OR upload packets individually into a shared google drive folder. Teachers then make one lump sum payment through the story submission page. To share your folder with us, use the email:

  • Sharing Day 

    One of the most exciting parts of this project is publication day. This is a chance for your students' hard work to be celebrated publicly. Dim the lights, add some spooky Halloween-themed music, and put on your best campfire voice. Fog machines might even be cheaper than you expect...

  • FREE Lesson Plans

    Luckily, Halloween 2020 falls on Saturday. That means you can spend Monday-Thursday working on the writing process and Friday celebrating all your students' hard work. We've included FREE lesson plans for the entire week on everything from how to introduce the project to author's craft mini-lessons. Click HERE to download a five-day lesson outline.  

  • Student Samples 

    Sometimes it's better to let the work speak for itself. To read some submissions from last year, click the essay below. You may even consider sharing some of these with your students as a model for good writing. 

  • Use an Amazon Echo to Read Stories Aloud 

    Teachers who submit at least 10 entries from their school will be entered to win an Amazon Echo. Those who win will also receive a free consultation on how to publish students' stories to the echo so they can be broadcasted in class. 

  • Teacher Testimonials

    "I'm always looking for ways to make my classroom exciting and engaging. Introducing the competition to my students was exactly that. Some of my students who are usually the hardest to motivate were the most passionate about this project." 

                    - Patrick (AZ)

  • Classroom Publication

    If you plan to do this project whole group and will have enough submissions for it, we recommend creating a classroom publication to add to your classroom library. You can do this the simply old-fashioned way if you'd like (paper and staples), but if you want to be a little more official, here are links to our favorite student publication websites: 


    - Schoolmate

    - Scholastic

  • Teacher FAQs

    Take a look at our contest packet for general rules. You can also click FAQs to see other questions we've been asked with our best answers. Don't see a question you need answered? Hit the chat with us icon to right. 

  • Book a Classroom Experience

    From introducing the project to your students to lesson planning and hosting an awards day, we've got you covered. As much or as little as you want to be involved in the process, we'll provide guidance every step of the way. Want to schedule us for a week-long classroom experience? Book Now! 

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