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Why is there an entry fee? 


There’s a lot that goes into running the competition--website costs, P.O. box fees, prize money, etc. The list goes on, but the main wondering that we’d like to address is the idea that people shouldn’t have to pay to enter a contest. Every participant receives full, personalized feedback on their story, including a detailed score from our judging rubric, regardless of placement (something few writing competitions can say). And teachers who serve as sponsors get even more--lesson plans to implement in the classroom, certificates of completion, awards for author’s craft, and a few other items. This is more than luck of the draw--it's an experience. We realize, though, that money should never stand in the way of a good experience. If you're willing to pay for sponsorship, 

we'll connect you with a class. For just $5.00, you can cover the contest of one lucky participant. 

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